Uploading Images to the COMMUNITY LIBRARY

for consideration in the Medway 2019 Yearbook



You can upload images for consideration in the yearbook! Please use the access code below so you can upload images at:



Community Image Upload Site Access Code:  AWWYOX


Once you have accessed the site, using the Access Code, follow the prompts to upload your image(s), individually and up to 5 at a time.  There will be fields to name your image & to give a brief description of the image.  At the bottom of the field, you will see a “Category” field, this is where you will click the arrow & a dropdown menu of the existing folders will appear.  Please select the appropriate folder.  Then click “SUBMIT ALL.”  You may choose to repeat this process if you have additional images you wish to upload.


Please note, unless these are portrait images, the images you share will be for consideration, and your image may or may not appear in the yearbook.  Please make sure you note any image you feel has particular significance.